Paintball in the Waterfall Rafting Centre!
Paintball in the Waterfall Rafting Centre!

Here, in the middle of an old and tall beech forest, right in the heart of Piva regional nature park, we have perfect conditions for this exciting and fun sport! Create your strategy, share roles, and have great fun with your friends and family. This sport will test your reflexes and planning abilities but intuition, too. It will demand a high level of alertness ensuring great fun.

It’s a great chance to prolong rafting adrenaline and rekindle your spirit of adventure. Full and professional equipment including full-body overalls and gloves, pressurized gas tank, safety vest, bumper head, neck protector and genitals protector, comfortable ventilated mask, helmet, belt, and strap for rifle, will ensure great and safe fun.

Every participant will get a paintball gun and 100 paintballs. There is no limitation on time and the price is 20 Euros per person. If you would need additional paintballs, each pack of 100 paintballs cost 10 Euros.

Get your blood pumping, adrenaline rushing, and banter flowing…

Book this exciting and interesting game for your group on time!