Hike as much as you like:)  Enjoy the fantastic view of the beautiful Piva mountain tops, and swim in the crystal clear Stabanska lakes.
Hiking Tour to Stabanska Lakes


Let's meet in the restaurant Lake in Pluzine at 10 am. After a short introduction and refreshment, we'll start our trip along the Piva Lake, over the Vrbnica river to Stabna, the village after which the lakes were named.

It is 4 km from the starting point of our tour to the Small Lake. Halfway along the route, we will come across broad meadows and the World War II monument to victims of fascism. The initial 100 meters of the way is rough and bushy, and then it continues into a gravel road towards the kattuns of the Lakes. On passing the kattuns, the path briefly takes us through a beech forest, and then - the beautiful Little Stabansko Lake appears in the valley. Depending on the time of year, the water level goes up to 15m. The lake’s altitude is 1,194m, with an area of about 10,500 m2, an average depth of about 4m, and a length of 160m.

After a short break, we continue hiking toward Volujak Mountain along some 500 meters of a beautiful path through a tall beech forest. Before descending to the valley where the Big Lake is located, there is a couple of dozens of meters high ridge on our path. The Big Stabansko Lake’s altitude is 1,325m, with an area of about 42,000 m2, a depth of up to 9m, and a length of 300m. At high water levels, the water from the Big Lake flows into the Little Lake. The Big Lake is an authentic pearl of nature, with its emerald green color and intact nature. The summer temperature of the water in the lakes is 16-20°C, making them very pleasant for swimming as well as taking a break for a picnic lunch (sandwich, yogurt, water, fruits, and muesli bar). It is also good to know that the lakes abound in trout.

From the Big Lake, it is possible to continue mountaineer tours to Bioč (2,396m) and to Volujak (2,337m). Participants willing to continue hiking to Bioč and Volujak must be physically and mentally fit since these tours are quite demanding.

On our way back to the Waterfall Rafting Center, we'll make a break for coffee in Pluzine and swim in Piva Lake. The scheduled return to the Waterfall Center is around 5 pm.

We can organize this trip starting and finishing from the city of Pluzine, just reserve in advance, please. The minimum number of persons for the organization of this program is 6. If you are not coming in a group, you should inform us as early as possible, and we will do our best to join you with other adventurers. 

Price per person 50€

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What is included?
  •  Mountain guide services
  •  Breakfast
  •  Picnic lunch or full meal lunch in the Lake Restaurant
What to bring?
  •  Waterproof sunscreen
  •  Hiking shoes
  •  Hiking pants
  •  Swim suit
  •  Jacket in case of colder or rainy weather
What is not included?
  •  Beverages - check out our drinks menu here
  •  Additional services and other expenses not covered by the trip
  •  Transfer from the Waterfall Rafting Center to the starting point and back. Most of our guests continue their travel towards other regions and don’t require this service. However, we can arrange your transfer upon request.

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