During the past decades the lovers of nature and mountain climbing, who were numerous on Zabljak, have marked over 2.000 kilometers of the tracks, which go through the most vivid areas in this part of Europe. Thanks to them, today you can go all over the massif of Durmitor.
Hiking to Durmitor


Hiking to the tallest Montenegro peak - Bobotov Kuk (2.522 m) 

08.00 am Let’s start with an early but strong breakfast in the Waterfall Restaurant and get prepared for this amazing but quite demanding adventure.

09.00 Jump into terrain vehicles and enjoy driving through the Piva Canyon, and along the Piva Lake. This scenic drive continues over Piva Mountain, through the village Pisce (1,390 m), and Trsa (1.450 m).  We will enter in the Durmitor National Park through Todorov Do, which is located under Prutaš (2,300 m), the most beautiful peak of Durmitor, followed by the peak of Stozina and Sedlo (1,907 m) where our hiking tour begins.

10.30h – Our climbing goes over Surutka - Zeleni Vir - Velika Previja all the way to Bobotovov Kuk. One part of the path goes through the forest, and we will make several short breaks at the most beautiful viewpoints. We'll enjoy our lunch package consisting of a sandwich of your choice, yogurt, fruit, a muesli bar, and water.

The total required time for this tour is about 6 hours. The altitude difference is 755 m. This is quite a challenging tour and participants must be in good mental and physical condition.

17.00 h We will return to the Waterfall Rafting Centre on Scepan Polje.

Price per persons 60€ 

In case of bad weather (snow and fog), we can replace this tour with a similar one, also in the National Park Durmitor. Here bellows are listed the most popular:

1. Zabljak (1421 m) – Lokvice – Biljegov do – Valoviti do – Bezimeni vrh (2487 m); Terrain is karsts and smaller part is forest.

Duration: 6h; Level: moderate difficulty

2. Crno jezero (1417 m) – Mioc Poljana – Struga – Mali Medjed – Veliki Medjed- Sjeverni vrh (2288 m).  The greatest part the tour goes through the forest. It has a great sightseeing place on Mali Medjed (SMALL BEAR). This tour is considered as the most difficult ones.

Duration: 3h; Level: hard 

3. Crno jezero (1417 m) – Mioc poljana – Struga – Velika kalica – Velika previja – Terzin bogaz (2303 m). Height variation is 906 meters. The path goes through the conifer forest for 1/3 of its length. It goes over Debeli Namet that is covered by snow even during summer.

Duration: 3,30h; Level: moderate difficulty

4. Crno jezero (1417 m) – Tocak – Mioc poljana – Poljana – Panalj – Cista strana – Sljeme (2455 m). Height variation is about 868 m, great sightseeing places, and beautiful conifer and mixed forest.

Duration: 4h; Level: Extremely hard

5. Sedlo (1907 m) – Zubci – Sedleni do – Sedlena greda (2227 m).

Duration: 1,30h; Level: Moderately difficulty

6. Crno jezero (1417 m) – Lokvice – Sagorele ploce – Minin bogaz (2387 m). Height variation is 1090 m.

Duration: 4,30h; Level: Extremely interesting tour for alpine climbing 

7. Zabljak (1421 m) – Zmijinje jezero – Crepulj poljana – Alisnica – Gornje lokve – Medjedje zdrijelo – Planinica (2330 m) + going down towards the mountain home in Skrka (1723 m). Height variation about 900 m and path is 12 kilometers long. It is possible to visit interesting caves and Skrcka lakes.

Duration: 4 hours; Level: Very difficult 

8. Zabljak (1421 m) – Bosaca – Mala greda – Veliki tavan – Crvena greda (2164 m) + Gologlav – Katun Veliki stuoc – Velika krivina on the way to Stuoc.  Height variation is 726 meters.

Duration: 1,30 hours; Level: Easy tour

9. Dobri do (1671 m) – Skrcko zdrijelo – Prutas – Skrcka jezera

Duration: 1,30 hours; Level: Moderately hard tour

10. Todorov do (1830 m) – Izvor Pistet – Ilijin do - Prutas (2393 m).

Duration: 1,30 hours; Level: Averagely hard tour

11. Katun ograde (1595 m) – Susicko jezero – Vodopad Skakala – Skrka (1723 m).  It goes through a mixed forest all over its length.

Duration: 3,30 h; Level: Moderately hard tour

12. Zabljak (1436 m) – Uskoci – Curevac (1625 m) through the conifer wood, with exquisite sightseeing places on the Tara River Canyon

Length: 8km; Duration: 4,30 h; Level: Easy walking tour

13. Zabljak (1436 m) – Ivan do – Mlinski potok – Zmijinje jezero (1520 m)

Length: 5km; Duration: 2 h; Level: Easy walking tour

The minimum number of participants for this trip is 6. If you are not coming in a group, contact us on time and we’ll do or best to join you to a group of like-minded people.

The day-trippers are welcome to extend their stay with dinner and overnight stay in our rafting center. Please check availability before arrival. 

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What is included in the trip price?
  •  Proffesional mountain guide services
  •  The fee of Durmitor Nature Park
  •  Breakfast
  •  Lunch box
  •  Parking
  •  Transfer from the Waterfall Center to the starting point and back
What to bring?
  •  Waterproof sunscreen
  •  Hiking shoes
  •  Hiking pants 
  •  Jacket in case of colder or rainy weather
  •  Extra T- shirt
  •  Cap or hat
  •  Sunglasses
  •  Extra spending money if you are interested in T-Shirts or other interesting gifts
What isn't included in the trip price?
  •  Beverages
  •  Other expenses


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