We are pleased to offer our new outdoor adventure specially designed for the whole family. It combines a moderate difficulty hiking to stunning Stabanska Lakes and the best of rafting on the amazing Tara River the Tear of Europe.
Rafting & Hiking Adventure


DAY 1: Arrival in the Waterfall Rafting Center

Start your adventure in the early afternoon at Waterfall Rafting Centre and enjoy untouched nature. We are conveniently located in the heart of the Piva Regional Nature Park, right on the riverbank of the Piva River and 5 km from the Tara River. This is the place for complete enjoyment and relaxation, where all sounds are overridden by the gurgling waterfall and cheerful birds’ songs.

20.00 - 21.30 Dinner time - Your choice between three delicious menus. We usually prepare freshly grilled local specialties or different kinds of pasta fresh salads and pastries.

While our chefs prepare the finest meals made by all-natural, organic locally sourced ingredients you can walk, hike, or just relax with your family and meet fellow rafters. 

DAY 2: The Tara River Rafting

Enjoy 18 kilometers of the spectacular Tara River which winds its way through breathtaking scenery and tumbling white-water on the most exciting rapids graded II to IV.

09.00 h – Enjoy a delicious breakfast buffet served in the Waterfall Restaurant.

11.00 h - Preparations for rafting. You will be fitted with safety equipment: wetsuits, booties, lifejackets, and helmets. The adventure continues with a scenic shuttle ride to our launching point.

12:00 pm The trip briefing will be held and your river guide conducting the briefing will be able to answer any questions and address any concerns. After the entertaining and informative safety talk, it’s time to grab a paddle, get in your raft, and onto the river for a day of fun, laughter, excitement, and lots of exhilarating whitewater. The first few rapids you’ll encounter are small but spirited and will allow you to practice your new paddling skills to get prepared for the most attractive rapids on the Tara River. We will take breaks at the most interesting spots for sightseeing, photo taking and of course swimming for the bravest ones.

Your rafting trip ends in Šćepan Polje town. While you were enjoying rafting adventure, our cooks prepared the best of very tasty traditional Montenegrin specialties.

15.00 - 16.00 h - Lunch - check our menu here

Spend the afternoon at the Waterfall Rafting Centre walking, fishing or sunbathing until we prepare some tasty hors d’oeuvres and a delicious healthy dinner that will satisfy even the heartiest appetite. Spend the rest of the evening catching up with fellow rafters and meeting new people. We usually have a campfire running, but if you would like to start it yourself with your children, please ask our Camp Manager and he will be more than happy to set you up. Enjoy your evening before retiring for the night.

DAY 3: Hiking to the Stabanska Lakes 

Hike as much as you like:) We will reach Little Stabansko Lake on 4.5km while Big Stabansko Lake lies 1,325 m above sea level. The bravest ones can continue to mountain Bioč on 2,396m or Volujak 2,337m.

After a rich, delicious breakfast, start your 25 minutes drive from the Waterfall Rafting Center through the Piva Canyon to Plužine and meet your hiking guide in the Tourist Organization. An additional 15 minutes drive continues along the Piva Lake, over the Vrbnica river to Stabna, the village after which the lakes were named.

It is 4.5km from the starting point of our tour to the Small Lake. Halfway along the route, we will come across broad meadows and the World War II monument to victims of fascism. The initial 100 meters of the way is rough and bushy, and then it continues into a gravel road towards the katuns of the Lakes. On passing the katuns, the path briefly takes us through a beech forest, and then - the beautiful Little Stabansko Lake appears in the valley. Depending on the time of year, the water level goes up to 15m. The lake’s altitude is 1,194m, with an area of about 10,500m2, an average depth of about 4m, and a length of 160m.

After a short break, we continue hiking toward the Volujak Mountain along some 500 meters of a beautiful path through a tall beech forest. Before descending to the valley where the Big Lake is located, there is a couple of dozens of meters high ridge on our path. The Big Stabansko Lake’s altitude is 1,325m, with an area of about 42,000 m2, depth of up to 9m, and length of 300m. At high water levels, the water from the Big Lake flows into the Little Lake. The Big Lake is an authentic pearl of nature, with its emerald green color and intact nature. The summer temperature of the water in the lakes is 16-20°C, making them very pleasant for swimming and break for a picnic lunch (sandwich, yogurt, water, fruit, and muesli bar). It is also good to know that the lakes abound in trout.

From the Big Lake, it is possible to continue mountaineer tours to Bioč (2,396m) and to Volujak (2,337m). Participants willing to continue hiking to Bioč and Volujak must be physically and mentally fit since these tours are quite demanding.

On the way back, we'll make a break for coffee in Pluzine and for a swim in Piva Lake.

We haven't included the transfer from the Waterfall Rafting Center to Pluzine. Most of our guests continue their travel towards other regions and don’t require this service. However, we can arrange your transfer upon request.

Price per person starts at 130€ - depending on a chosen accommodation


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What is included in the trip price?
  •  2 nights accommodation
  •  6 meals
  •  transfer during the rafting trip
  •  rafting tax
  •  insurance
  •  car parking
  •  professional guides' and drivers' services
What we provide?
  •  bed linen
  •  towels
  •  toiletries
  •  neoprene footwear for rafting and canyoning
  •  wet suit for rafting
  •  helmet for rafting
  •  life jacket for rafting
  •  waterproof bag
  •  paddle
  •  raft
What to bring?
  •   Waterproof sunscreen
  •   Swimming suit to wear under neoprene suit
  •   Hiking or sport shoes
  •   Warm pants (evenings are usually chilly next to the river)
  •   Jacket in case of colder or rainy weather
  •   Extra spending money if you are interested in T-Shirts or other interesting gifts
What isn't included in the trip price?
  •   Beverages
  •   Tourist tax 1€ per person per night
  •   Additional services and other expenses not covered by the program
  •   Transfer from the Waterfall Rafting Center to Pluzine. Most of our guests continue their travel towards other regions and don’t require this service. However, we can arrange your transfer upon request.

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